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What is Fitness Defined?

Fitness Defined is a personal training facility dedicated to your physical fitness and health.

In 2003 we opened our doors in Evanston with a simple goal – to eradicate the hassle of working out at a gym. We invited people like you to our studio, people frustrated by expensive membership plans, intimidating gyms, wasted time and big crowds. We offered an alternative of one-on-one, customized personal training.

Since then, people of all ages, physical shapes and goals have become our clients and community. So many, in fact, that we outgrew our
3,000 sq. ft. space. Our new fully equipped, 6,000 square-foot studio comes complete with an accomplished group of personal trainers that accommodate your personal fitness needs.

We want to make exercise and physical wellness a priority in everyone's life. To do this, we provide a positive environment to challenge and inspire our clients, as well as our trainers. Our philosophy allows everyone to reach their goals, and make exercising exhilarating and fun.

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